IMPORTANT UPDATE Regarding Covid-19

We are still facilitating a limited amount of adoptions and "meet and greets" using extreme caution and meeting all CDC recommendations. We are using virtual tours to meet our requirement of a 'home visit' and using scanning and on-line signature options when possible.

Application Process

Thank you for contacting Unchained Melodies Inc. about a new member of your family. We would love to match you with a great rescue dog. Our goal is to get dogs off chains, out of pens and into responsible, loving, permanent homes.

Whether you already have a specific dog that you are interested in or you would like our volunteers’ help in matching a dog to your family, the first step is to complete our online adoption application. This will help us understand your home life, other pets, children, and activity level to best match a dog to your home.

After completing the online application, you should receive and automatic confirmation & copy of your completed application so that you know your submission went through properly.

Our volunteers will review the information and try to make contact with you within 48 hours, but usually much sooner. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours, check your spam folder, then if you still don’t see anything please reach out to check on the status of your application by emailing

Foster-to-Adopt Period

Our goal is to make sure you are the right match for our dog and that our dog is the right match for your family. Because all dogs are different and sometimes the transition from foster home to forever home can cause setbacks, we’ve implemented a foster to adopt period for ALL of our dogs over 6 months old.

The foster to adopt period usually lasts about a week and during that time, we stay in close contact with you to help assist the dog while they acclimate to your home. We have a professional trainer that can step in to help if there are any questions or behaviors that need to be addressed.

If after a week or so, you feel it’s a match made in heaven we will schedule a time to finalize the adoption. If you decide it’s not a good fit, we will work with you to find the right dog or keep your application on file for future consideration.

For puppies under 6 months old, you should expect to have your hands full and be prepared to finish potty training, crate training, leash walking, continuing socialization and basic training. There aren’t many surprises when it comes to young pups so we finalize their adoption without a “trial period”.

Finalization of Adoption

All dogs are spayed/neutered prior to adoption, have been vaccinated, microchipped, tested for heartworms and have been treated for any diagnosed medical conditions.

A tax-deductible donation is required as the adoption fee. This helps cover the medical and boarding costs so that we may continue to rescue other chained/penned dogs.

At the finalization of the adoption, you will receive a packet with their vet records & vaccination history, microchip tag and information, a copy of your adoption contract as well as a coupon sheet. The coupon sheet includes coupons to Lizzi & Rocco’s Natural Pet Market (20% off your entire purchase, a free small bag of Nutri Source, & a free name tag) plus a free new pet exam at Pet Center, Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

We feel we cannot be the dogs support system if/when problems arise long distance, we require that ALL family members meet the potential new dog to include dogs, cats, children and roommates which can be difficult with a long distance adoption, we don’t adopt out the very day that we set up a meet and greet or from adoption events so multiple meet and greets may be required, we are licensed by the State of Missouri and when crossing State lines, Health Certificates are required which can pose a logistic and cost issue and lastly, every city and town in the country have dogs in need so adopting local helps your own community with its over pet population.
We do not have a blanket requirement for fenced yards. We will require a fenced yard for dogs that we feel would benefit from one and this would be stated in their profile. We do not approve of invisible fencing. It has been our experience that these fencing systems post danger to a dog as it does not keep predators out, be it other animals or humans, they can give the owner a false sense of security, dogs will typically run across the electric line when their instincts get the best of them and lastly, we are very supportive of no adverse training methods to include shocks collars which these fencing systems require.
Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue is first and foremost a rescue organization but we also train, teach and mentor owners on dog behavior. Adverse training tools such as shock, prong, or bark collars are not approved training methods for our adoptable dogs. These methods may seem to control the dog and give some immediate fix to a problem such as pulling, barking or reacting to a dogs surroundings, but they do not 'teach' the owner or the dog about dog behavior and do not solve problems long term. These tools can actually make a dogs issues worse and can cause fearfulness, aggression and biting.