Do you have a young dog? Come play at Social Hour!

Socialization for dogs is more than just interacting with other dogs, although that’s a very big part of it. Socialization really means introducing your dog to new experiences in a secure and safe environment. Without proper socialization, dogs may become anxious and fearful of anything unfamiliar. Without proper socialization, this could escalate into serious behavioral issues such as reactivity. In addition, if your dog is already a social butterfly, then attending will just be SO MUCH FUN!

Socialization Development

Our every Thursday social hour is for young puppies (4 months old) ready to meet and play with other dogs for the first time through young “teens” (up to 2 years old) who have already met other dogs and shown that they can play well in a group. If they still need to work a little on their manners (responding well to corrections and learning when to “tone it down”) that’s okay! But if they have any difficulties with reactivity, they will need to work with our trainer before considering social hour.

Every 1st Monday of the month, we hold a special "Littles Night" with registration limited by size instead of age. This will help those smaller pups have a safer and more engaging play environment with friends of the same size! Dogs must be under 30lbs to attend.

Dog owners sign up on a weekly basis to bring their dogs to play with other dogs as well as be introduced to new experiences and people. To keep that play safe and healthy, we limit the attendance of human guests to no more than two persons age 16 or older per dog. No children under the age of 16 will be permitted at social hour events.

Social Hour is a great precursor or supplement to taking one of our etiquette classes.

Social Hour is at 6:30pm, $20 per 1 hour session and is led by our Trainer Kai Murphey.

Register Today!

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All dogs must be current on vaccinations to include DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella is highly recommended. Proof of vaccination is required. All dogs must be spayed/neutered at the age deemed appropriate by your veterinarianIf your dog is intact, please speak with our trainer before registering.

Meet Our Training Team!


Kai Murphey became a certified animal trainer through the Karen Pryor clicker training program in 2008 while completing a Bachelors in Wildlife Biology and volunteering with and training birds of prey at the Raptor Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

During this time, Kai also worked closely with dogs as a foster parent and trainer assisting reactive and fearful dogs that needed help improving behaviors to become adoptable, and went on to train psychiatric service dogs for individuals with PTSD, autism, anxiety and depression before coming to Columbia, Missouri to complete a Masters program in Animal  Behavior and Neurobiology.

Kai believes in improving the bond between dogs and people, building trust and devotion through work and play, and assisting those most in need.


Trisha Emme is our assistant to the trainer. She has 10 years of experience managing doggie day care programs and specializing in managing doggie play groups and matching dog temperaments in order to create the most beneficial experience for all.