Social Hour - Registration Form

Please complete the registration form below. After clicking submit, you will be forwarded to a payment processing page. Your registration will not be complete until payment has been received.


Dogs must be registered no later than 12 pm on the Thursday you would like to attend.

*If this is the first time your dog has attended our Social Hour, please arrive 15 minutes prior to start time. This will allow us to evaluate whether your dog will do well in our play group. If your dog fails assessment, we'll recommend steps you can take to get your dog Social Hour ready, and your dog will require a PASS from our trainer before they can attend Social Hour.

*Social Hour is designed for dogs 4 months to 2 years old. All dogs must be current on vaccinations to include DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella. Proof of vaccination is required. All dogs must be spayed/neutered.

Adult Social Hour

Owner Information

Is your dog spayed/neutered? *
Is your dog current on all vaccinations? (DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella) *
I understand I will need to provide proof of vaccinations prior to social hour. Proof of vaccinations can be emailed to or brought to class. *

Vaccinations: Puppies must have a minimum of 2 Distemper/ Parvo vaccines and be current on other age appropriate vaccinations. Adults must be current on vaccinations to include Distemper/ Parvo, Rabies and Bordetella. Proof of vaccinations must be provided by the start of class.

Social Hour is filled on a first-come, first-served basis. A spot will not be held until payment is received with this signed Agreement. These items must be received prior to commencement of the social hour.

SERVICES PROVIDED: Social Hour is supervised by a professional working with Unchained Melodies, Inc. Social Hours are limited to the space available. Our professional, at his/her discretion, may refuse entry to any dog which is not healthy, is aggressive, or does not seem suitable for the services provided.

PAYMENT: Full payment is required to confirm your registration. Registrations that are not paid for, in full, do not hold a spot in the social hour. Registrations are not transferable.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Our office must be notified at least 2 calendar days before the social hour begins for any transfers or refunds (minus a 25% processing fee). We are unable to refund fees once the social hour has commenced. Unchained Melodies, Inc. reserves the right to change pricing structure on any and all social hours.

REMOVAL FROM SOCIAL HOUR: Unchained Melodies, Inc. reserves the right to terminate the services contract at any time before or during its term if our professional determines that a danger exists to the health and safety of the public, professional, owner, or dog. Should our professional or Owner terminate the services contract at any time prior to completion, all fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

CLEANLINESS: Owner is responsible for the removal of excrement for which their pet is responsible.

SMOKING: No smoking is permitted on the premises.

LIABILITY: I do hereby waive and release our professional and Unchained Melodies, Inc., from any and all liabilities of any nature. I agree to take complete responsibility for the action of my dog, and myself and family members, before, after and during the social hour. At no time will the professional be liable or responsible for the actions of myself, my dog or any other person who accompanies me to the social hour. I understand that attendance and participation in any Social Hour is not without risk to myself and/or guests who may attend. I further understand that my personal dog is also at risk, during the social hour, on the property during the social hour, or that I may bring home an illness due to working around other dogs.

I agree to allow Unchained Melodies, Inc. to discuss history, protocols, family dynamics, and any pertinent information with their veterinarian, appropriate animal professionals, family members, etc. as applicable. I agree to take full and total responsibility for my dog at all times. I hereby waive and release the professional, Unchained Melodies, Inc., the property or business the social hour is located at, all owners and other animals in attendance, and any of the above mentioned employees, owners, and agents from any and all liability of any nature for injury or damage which I or my dog may suffer, including specifically, but not without limitation, any injury or damage resulting from the action of any dog, and I expressly assume the risk of any such damage or injury while attending the social hour, while supervising or interacting with a dog while on the grounds or surrounding area thereto. In consideration of my attendance and participation in the social hour, I waive the right from any and all claims or claims by any member of my family or any other person accompanying me during the social hour as a result of any action by any dog, including my own.

VIDEO AND PHOTO RELEASE: Video or photos of the social hour may be published on the Unchained Melodies, Inc. website, social media sites and/or any other marketing materials. I hereby acknowledge that I, my dog and my family may be included in social hour videos and/or photos posted on the Unchained Melodies, Inc. website, social media sites and/or any other marketing materials. All videos and photos are the property of Unchained Melodies, Inc.

ON TIME START - We strive to start and end our Social Hour on time. Doors are secured 5 minutes after social hour commencement to insure the safety of all dogs in the social hour. Safety and a good experience is our goal, please be on time for your social hour, late arrivals cause unnecessary distraction for the social hour that is in session, as well as safety concerns if doors are opened mid-social hour. If you arrive early for your social hour, please wait patiently, without entering the facility, for your social hour to begin.

I have read and accept the terms of the agreement above. *