Reactive dogs can take "A Walk in the Park" with UMDR

Dogs that lunge, bark, and snap at others while walking on leash are considered "reactive dogs". This reactive behavior stems from BIG emotions that can be rooted in either overexcitement or anxiety. The tension they feel in the leash then amplifies those emotions and feeds into frustration that can make it difficult to calm your dog and walk by distractions safely.

Our Reactive Dog Walks are meant to help owners practice around other dogs, allowing for controlled exposure and guidance from our trainer in safely handling your dog's behaviors and ultimately improving your ability to walk comfortably without being pulled, dragged or worrying about your dog snapping at another in passing.

If this is your first time attending a walk and you have never taken any of our classes, you will need to schedule an assessment visit with Kai Murphey before attending! We'll determine the severity of your dog's reactivity and give you some personalized instruction regarding redirection, safety, and distances to maintain from others while on the walk.

You can schedule your assessment visit by emailing [email protected].

If you have attended one of our classes or would like to come with a non-reactive dog, an assessment visit will not be necessary! When you complete the registration form and indicate that this is your first walk with us, our trainer will reach out to ask for more details about your dog and provide information about walk expectations before you attend.

Reactive Dog Walks are $30 per 1 hour walk and will be led by one of our trainers.

If you'd like to participate, please complete the registration form below.