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Sponsoring one of our special needs dogs makes a great gift for any dog loving friend or family member, and truly makes a difference in a dog's life. With a minimum donation of $50 you will receive a personalized Holiday Card from your sponsored dog! (Donation must be received no later than Dec 18th to receive the card before Christmas!)

If you would like to send an additional gift to spoil your sponsored UDMR dog and make their holiday season a little brighter - you can send a bone, treat, chew toy, or other additional gifts to Unchained Melodies Inc. at 4107 White Tiger Lane, Columbia, 65202.


Darla was found wandering down a busy country road with a string of young pups in tow. The owner was found and he surrendered Darla and her pups to us. Over a year later, Darla's pups have all found loving homes but Darla is still in search of her forever family. Darla is in a foster home but does need to be separated from other dogs, as she needs to be an only pet. Darla enjoys boating, fishing, hiking, playing ball and going on any and all adventures to include getting ice cream.


Rosie was found as a stray near our training facility by some of our volunteers. We tried to find her owners to no avail. It has been over 2 years and Rosie is still at our training facility. She gets her 3 walks a day, gets to go on adventures and spend a night here and there in a home but Rosie is one of our long timers, yearning to find a home and get out of the facility. We will continue to love Rosie and bring her all of the things she needs to occupy her time until the day comes where she has true freedom. 


Spirit has been with us for years. He resides at our rehab facility as he suffers from a disease called pica. Pica is when a dog or even people want to eat anything they come across, even things that are not edible.

Spirit also suffers from hyper sensitivity which makes him very difficult to physically handle and he will lash out when he is feeling uncomfortable. Our amazing volunteers have learned how to handle Spirit on walks and outings.

He is comfortable and well cared for but unfortunately does not have a home to call his own. Spirit will spend another holiday at our facility and we vow to make it the best one ever with lots of love, treats and adventures!


Lexie was found in a horrific situation, chained out in the mud in the freezing cold. Lexie soon went to a foster home but 3 long years later, she lost her foster home and is back at our training facility. Lexie loves her stuffies and her kennel is full of her beloved toys. Lexie is very loving and sweet but is a bit confused. She doesn't quite understand why she is not in a home any longer. She gets walks and outings but would love to get back into a foster or forever home.  


Unique came to us through Animal Control and the local shelter. She was confiscated from her abusers because they were starving her while she was chained inside a garage. Just a horrific situation that this poor girl had to endure. Unique has been rehabilitating at our training facility and is getting better each and every day, learning to trust people and learning her manners.  Unique loves to carry a ball or a toy in her mouth as it gives her comfort on a walk and loves doing zoomies in our play yard.


This playful girl has a soft spot for toys and can't resist the call of a long walk, making her the ideal adventure buddy. Abby's brief stay in a temporary foster home revealed her potential for house and crate training, a promising start for a cozy indoor life.

Abby is a social butterfly when it comes to doggy friends - she's had a blast during playdates, especially when wrestling around with her newfound pals. Although, she is still learning the art of greeting new friends in a calm manner.


This sweet tripawd has been with us a few years after she was shot while chained to a tree which resulted in her losing her front leg. Fiona suffers from anxiety and pain issues in her other limbs and takes medications for both issues. Fiona is also a bit of a Diva and is very particular with her food and insists on having a topper on her kibble. She is very comfortable in a foster home and this family has become her 'forever foster' home so she remains happy and safe for the rest of her days. Your Sponsorship will help with the cost of Fiona's care for as long as she needs it.


Ruccis was on a chain outdoors for many years, but once rescued and in a foster home - has only been the sweetest, gentlest soul. She loves people, kids and being near you in case you want to give her some pets.

She has chronic arthritis of BOTH elbows consistent with elbow dysplasia. The swelling/pain is consistent with an infected joint elbow. Pain medication and antibiotics were prescribed for now but she will likely need to be seen at the MU Veterinary Health Center for follow up treatment.