Our Sponsorship program is in full swing and a unique way to help us raise money for the special needs dogs that are in our care. Many of the dogs we rescue have been neglected and abused for years and they have extenuating health issues because of it. Tumors, heartworm disease, mange, and parasite infestation are just a few of the issues we deal with on a regular basis. All dogs in our care receive regular veterinary visits that include vaccinations, heartworm testing, de-worming, spay-neuter surgeries and microchips.

Sponsor one of these dogs that need you most! Sponsoring a dog makes a great gift for any dog loving friend or family member, and truly makes a difference in a dogs life. A minimum donation of $50 will go directly to the care of the dog you sponsor. You will receive a personalized Holiday Card from your sponsored dog.

If you would like to send an additional in kind gift to spoil your sponsored dog and make their Holiday a little brighter, things such as a bone, treat, or chew toy, you can send these gifts to Unchained Melodies Inc. 4107 White Tiger Lane, Columbia, 65202.


This boy wandered up to a family’s back porch in desperate need of help. He was emaciated, had sores all over his body and it was obvious that he was an old guy. The rural Missouri town where he was found does have Animal Control and they were called but they did not have the resources to help him so Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue was contacted. His founder named him Chance, because it was evident that this poor dog needed just that, a second chance ...


Ruby was one of 30 dogs rescued by Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue from a single property. Ruby was isolated in a box made out of wooden pallets.  She did have straw and a dog house, but she pleaded for help to get out of that box! When we arrived to rescue her, it was evident that she needed medical help – she had no hair!


Bella was one of the many Momma dogs that came in to our care with a litter of 9 pups that were born and living in dirt under a porch in a small rural town.

She was a superior Mom, one of the best we have ever experienced, but the time came ...


We were notified about a dog living in a pen hours away on the Arkansas border.  They called him Mutt.  The owner was being evicted and he was going to shoot the dog if someone did not come and get it.  One look at the face of this poor old dog, with dead eyes, begging for help set us in emergency mode. We hopped in the van and started driving.  We were literally in the middle of no where, surrounded by corn fields, no cell service, no GPS, it was quite unnerving but we were determined to find this dog before it was too late ...

Betty Boo

This sweet Senior girl was part of a ‘bait and switch’ for a young couple that found a young healthy dog for free on Facebook.  After driving almost 3 hours, they were presented with this girl, who had obviously been bred over and over, she was emaciated, had horrible teeth, skin, mammary tumors and tested positive for heart worms. She was obviously a baby maker for money and did not receive the care she needed even after providing healthy puppies for sale for her owners ...


This tiny little girl was found abandoned in an apartment after her owner went missing.  Utilities had been turned off and she was hiding in the back of a crate, her blankets soiled with urine and feces.

She was unable to be removed from the apartment due to the renter’s legal rights.  Due diligence had to be done to try to find her owner.  The maintenance man fed her for 2 weeks while the property manager tried to locate her owner to no avail.   After the two week period was up, the property manager removed her and reached out to us for help ...