Our Sponsorship program is in full swing and a unique way to help us raise money for the special needs dogs that are in our care. Many of the dogs we rescue have been neglected and abused for years and they have extenuating health issues because of it. Tumors, heartworm disease, mange, and parasite infestation are just a few of the issues we deal with on a regular basis. All dogs in our care receive regular veterinary visits that include vaccinations, heartworm testing, de-worming, spay-neuter surgeries and microchips.

Sponsor one of these dogs that need you most! Sponsoring a dog makes a great gift for any dog loving friend or family member, and truly makes a difference in a dogs life. With a minimum donation of $50 you will receive a personalized Holiday Card from your sponsored dog. (Donation must be received no later than Dec 18th to receive a greeting card before Christmas!)

If you would like to send an additional in kind gift to spoil your sponsored dog and make their Holiday a little brighter, things such as a bone, treat, or chew toy, you can send these gifts to Unchained Melodies Inc. 4107 White Tiger Lane, Columbia, 65202.


Bella was one of the many Momma dogs that came in to our care with a litter of 9 pups that were born and living in dirt under a porch in a small rural town.

She was a superior Mom, one of the best we have ever experienced, but the time came ...


Hendrick's wandered onto a property with his Momma and two other pups. Momma ran off, never to be seen again, one of his siblings was hit by a car, and the other adopted by a family member.

Hendricks was placed in a small stall in a barn, isolated and alone. He came to us as a ...


Darla was found wandering down a busy country road with a string of young pups in tow. The owner was found and he surrendered most of the pups to us but insisted on keeping Darla and one of her pups.

Darla was found over and over again wandering this busy road, everyone fearful that she and her pup would ...


Spirit has been with us for years. He resides at our rehab facility as he suffers from a disease called pica. Pica is when a dog or even people want to eat anything they come across, even things that are not edible.

Spirit also suffers from hyper sensitivity which makes him very difficult to physically handle and ...


This Momma gave birth to 6 pups under a huge pile of logging timber. Two loggers that were there to pick up the logs reported the situation to Animal Control.

Animal Control officers quickly responded and the loggers used their equipment to remove ...


Fiona has a long story ... Many years back, she was shot in the leg and then chained to a tree.

Eventually, she was relinquished to us, and after a vet visit and x-rays, we discovered the damage to her leg was beyond repair and needed to be ...