Sponsor a Dog for Christmas!

Our Sponsorship program is in full swing and a unique way to help us raise money for the special needs dogs that are in our care. Many of the dogs we rescue have been neglected and abused for years and they have extenuating health issues because of it. Tumors, heartworm disease, mange, and parasite infestation are just a few of the issues we deal with on a regular basis. All dogs in our care receive regular veterinary visits that include vaccinations, heartworm testing, de-worming, spay-neuter surgeries and microchips.

Sponsor one of these dogs that need you most! Sponsoring a dog makes a great gift for any dog loving friend or family member, and truly makes a difference in a dogs life. A minimum donation of $50 will go directly to the care of the dog you sponsor. You will receive a personalized Holiday Card from your sponsored dog.

If you would like to send an additional in kind gift to spoil your sponsored dog and make their Holiday a little brighter, things such as a bone, treat, or chew toy, you can send these gifts to 8050 S. Highpoint Lane, Columbia, MO 65203.


Brownie came to us back in a 2017 with 4 other dogs that were roaming loose on a property. They all had significant skin issues, including alopecia, which were treated with antibiotics, prednisone, and medicated baths.

His skin issues resolved, however, upon weaning off the prednisone Brownie began having problems with his hind limbs. We took him to the Neurology Department of the University of Missouri’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital to be examined.

Expensive diagnostics including an MRI were preformed which indicated that Brownie had intervertebral disc extrusions in his spine. These disc issues are also extremely painful. Surgery is not recommended due to his age so he is on multiple medications to ease his pain.

Brownie is in a ‘forever’ foster home where he receives the care he needs to remain comfortable for the rest of his days.


Lady is one of the Van Buren Seven. They received this name because seven (7) senior dogs were lined up and chained to wooden dog houses. Some have crossed the rainbow bridge and others remain in their loving adopted homes, but Lady appears to have had the worse case of mental abuse.

Due to lack of any human contact, Lady suffers from extreme anxiety and fear. She jumps at the slightest unexpected noise, has extreme storm phobia and cowers and shakes when meeting new people.

Lady is in a forever home where she is most comfortable with the humans that live there. She loves to snuggle in bed at night with her foster family where she feels safe from the darkness. Thankfully, Lady is physically healthy, even though she suffers daily from her mental issues and her abusive past. She is also now safe, warm and loved.


Charlie is one of the saddest rescue cases to date. He was literally left out in a barn with the trash when his owners moved. We were notified of a dog on a property and when we found Charlie, he could hardly lift his head. He was an old guy, almost starved to death and missing hair on most of his body.

Once he knew friends were there to help, he gladly got in the van and he went to the vet immediately. Some medications and wholesome food multiple times a day, loving hands and a soft voice has brought Charlie around and he now has a wagging tail and loves affection.

His weight is much better and his hair is growing back but this sweet senior dog still has a long recovery ahead.


Otis is a little guy, weighing in at 10 lbs. He was chained to a tree and was barking and jumping, longing for attention. Otis was relinquished by his owner and was off to a new and better life.

Unfortunately, after going immediately to the veterinarian for a complete check up, Otis tested positive for heartworms.

Treatment for heartworms is a long and painful process, it takes 4 months from beginning to end for the treatment and the dog has to remain very calm. Which will not be easy for an energetic Chihuahua like Otis! However, his loving foster family will be sure he gets the care he needs and he will soon be available for adoption.


Izzy is a gorgeous black Labrador Retriever. Purchased from a breeder, she did not receive the training and socialization she needed as a young pup to be a well behaved 90 lb dog.

Her owner had a hard time handling her and when he was incarcerated, the family could not take her in because of her energy level and lack of manners.

Our trainer agreed to work with Izzy but it has been a long road, hundreds of hours working with her to teach her to focus and calm. We use only force free training methods and although these methods may take more time, Izzy is learning and as she grows out of adolescence, she will be a wonderful companion for an active family who loves the outdoors.


Buddy was chained inside a fenced area and left behind when his owner went into a nursing home. A concerned neighbor reached out to us to get Buddy some help.

Everyone was scared of this giant boy who would break through fences if not chained but all he wanted was some freedom, some attention and to have some fun!

A volunteer traveled to pick up Buddy and once released from the chain and pen, he showed us how friendly he was.

We had high hopes that Buddy would get adopted quickly and he had a lot of people interested in him, but when he tested positive for heartworms all of the interest faded away.

Buddy has been staying at our training facility during his treatment, which is now completed and he is healthy and happy.

Buddy is a big boy weighing in at over 100 lbs but he is a lover! He is also ready for a foster or a forever home.


Sally is a Senior girl who lived her entire life in a small pen. Her living conditions were deplorable. Finally a family member convinced the owner to give her a better life.

When she was set free we found that Sally’s toe nails were curled and grown into her paw pads. This poor girl must have been in so much pain!

Sally went straight to the vets office, was sedated and had those horrific nails cut back and removed from her feet.

Now Sally prances around like a little princess and that is how she will be treated for the rest of her days, like a little Princess!


Ginger was abandoned with her siblings and young pups. When they arrived they were all under weight and covered with fleas and ticks. Once they gained weight and became healthy the entire family was adopted with the exception of poor Ginger.

Ginger is painfully shy, very skittish, and extremely withdrawn. She is afraid of strangers, but once she gets to know you she is sweet and loving.

It is our hope that Ginger can find a compassionate and patient home to call her own.


Luke was living his life in an outdoor pen because the breeder could not sell him as a young pup. At the age of 1.5 years old he was relinquished to UMDR.

Luke was extremely introverted, shy and scared of the slightest noise. Fast-forward an entire year of working with Luke and he is out of his shell - happy and playful!

Luke still does not like big crowds but he loves to go for car rides and walks through the neighborhood.

The patience of his foster home is what has helped Luke become a mentally healthy, sweet and friendly dog. Just look at that smile!