Sponsor a Dog for Christmas!

Our Sponsorship program is in full swing and a unique way to help us raise money for the special needs dogs that are in our care. Many of the dogs we rescue have been neglected and abused for years and they have extenuating health issues because of it. Tumors, heartworm disease, mange, and parasite infestation are just a few of the issues we deal with on a regular basis. All dogs in our care receive regular veterinary visits that include vaccinations, spay-neuter surgeries and microchips.

Sponsor one of these dogs that need you most! Sponsoring a dog makes a great gift for any dog loving friend or family member, and truly makes a difference in a dogs life. A minimum donation of $50 will go directly to the care of the dog you sponsor. You will receive a personalized Holiday Card from your sponsored dog.

If you would like to send an additional in kind gift to spoil your sponsored dog and make their Holiday a little brighter, things such as a bone, treat, or chew toy, you can send these gifts to 8050 S. Highpoint Lane, Columbia, MO 65203.

Augie Doggie

Augie's living conditions went viral on social media. Unchained Melodies and volunteers of the organization were tagged over 50 times on this boy. Augie was isolated in an outside pen with nothing to do, no human contact or socialization. He would spin and jump and looked as if he were going crazy. We spoke for this boy, transport was arranged and he was every bit as wild as the videos on social media.

Augie immediately went to the vet, had a check-up, and neutered. During his neuter surgery the vet found a suspicious lump in his throat area. After further investigation, it was determined that is was an enlarged salivary gland and they told us to "keep an eye on it." We kept an eye on it and watched it get bigger and bigger and bigger!

A second opinion determined that, he in fact had an enlarged salivary gland due to a tear in his gland that continues to fill with saliva. Surgery is now recommended because of the size of the gland. A specialist needs to be brought in as this surgery is not very common and is a very delicate surgery with a very long recovery time.

While Augie does not seem to care about this gland issue (he's is his friendly, energetic, sweet and loving self), we hope to have this surgery done after the first of the year and your sponsorship would help cover the cost of this delicate and expensive procedure.


Deuce is a little petite boy who is only about 6 years old. He is a very healthy boy but can be reactive to other animals, especially other dogs, but his rehabilitation is going well.

He is in a loving home that understands his needs and knows how to keep him safe when he is out on his walks and outings. Deuce loves to cuddle. He is a bit of a couch potato and on the lazy side when he is in the home. A warm fire, a soft cuddly blanket and an over-stuffed couch and Deuce is in heaven.

Your sponsorship would allow us to care for Deuce's daily needs and his yearly vet visit that is due this month.

Isabell (Izzy)

Izzy was chained outside at a very young age. Her collar was so tight, we could hardly remove it. Once we did, we discovered her neck was raw from the collar being almost embedded and smelled because of bacteria that developed on her neck from the collar and the summer heat and humidity.

Izzy is still only about a year and a half old but suffers extreme anxiety from being chained, isolated and not socialized at such a young age. She also has been diagnosed with heartworms, which is another reason not to chain or leave your dog outside 24/7 without heartworm preventative. This disease is devastating to dogs. It can kill dogs without being diagnosed, the treatment is painful, lengthy, and expensive.

Izzy is still looking for a foster or forever home as she is currently in boarding. She does not seem to like cats or even other dogs so finding an only pet home can be difficult, but we won't give up!

Your sponsorship will help offset the cost of Izzy's heartworm treatment, boarding costs and day to day care of this very sweet, energetic girl who deserves a chance at a better life.


Jafar is referred to as our “Homeless Hound Hero” and has been with us for a few years.

He was chained to a debilitated dog house for years! Jafar has become quite famous with the locals. He is very social and loves to get out and about at all of the different events around town. He is quite often seen at Yappy Hours, 5K Runs, Fire Houses, Sonic and Burger King to name just a few places that Jafar could be “spotted.”

Jafar is a very healthy boy but despises cats and has separation anxiety which keeps him from finding a home to call his own. Jafar is also a BIG boy weighing in at almost 90 lbs.

Jafar's favorite thing is hot dogs, hand down, hot dogs! Your Sponsorship would ensure that Jafar has all of the Sonic hot dogs that his heart desires and would help us care for his day to day needs.


Milo has a very sad story of being born into an abusive situation, living in a filthy, cold, muddy pen. His person cut off the tails of all of the puppies in the litter and was very hateful to the entire family that he kept in a small pen with barely enough food and water to survive. Because of this abuse, Milo is very shy, withdrawn, introverted and almost feral, and he must take medications to help with his anxiety.

He is being exposed to new things very slowly and is starting to come around a little but has a long road ahead of him. Your Sponsorship will help us continue to keep Milo on medications and care for him as long as it takes to rehabilitate him with the goal of finding a loving home of his own.


Patty was rescued back in January of 2018. She had a horrible, huge, heavy chain attached to a collar that rubbed her neck raw. She has a very hoarse bark from trachea damage from the collar being so incredibly tight.

Patty was overweight and the vet nick named her "Fatty Patty" 🙁 She also showed signs of over breeding and was diagnosed with multiple mammary tumors.

Patty's rehabilitation was a step by step process. She was put on a healthy diet and is now of a healthy weight and her neck has healed, but still has scars and lack of hair. She was spayed and we waited a few months while the hormones left her body to see how this would effect her mammary tumors which can be extremely painful. Two of the largest tumors actually were dragging the ground so on Dec 7th, she had surgery to remove the tumors. We are having them tested and hopefully the results will benign.

Everyone who meets this girl falls in love with her smile and her upbeat personality. Her smile is just simply infectious. Your sponsorship will help cover the cost of Patty's surgery and any additional treatment she may need.


Reba is one of our long time "forever fosters" who was rescued from life on a chain, with only a cement slab to stand and lay on. She was confiscated by Animal Control when her people were forced to move. They had used Reba as a breeding dog and had no use for her anymore and had no plans to take her with them.

Reba has always needed to be an “only” dog due to her aggression toward other animals. We believe the only interaction she ever had with dogs were when they were forcing her to breed.

Reba has always been a happy girl with people, loves car rides, and LOVES balls! She has recently had some health issues, she is a bit unsure on her feet, has a tumor that we keep a close eye on, is getting a little hard of hearing and her sight is not what it used to be, but all in all she seems really happy and lives the lap of luxury with soft beds, warm blankets, and all the hugs and snuggles that she asks for from her foster family.

Your sponsorship for Reba would help us continue to monitor her by a veterinarian and when the time comes, help her cross the rainbow bridge with all that love her, and have cared for her by her side.


Sabrina has been with us for a few months. Poor Sabrina was emaciated, dehydrated, and chained to a dilapidated dog house. Thankfully she was confiscated by the local Sheriff's Department in Southern Missouri and brought to rescue.

Sabrina was said to be 10 years old and was thriving. She was gaining weight, was energetic and doing well until one day she developed a big head tilt and was stumbling. She went to our regular vet and they treated her for a ruptured ear drum but the symptons persisted.
After a trip to the University of Missouri Veterinary Health Center and an MRI was performed, it was determined she had a large brain tumor attached to the stem of her brain.

Sabrina is the most loving, affectionate, well behaved girl we have ever met and has endured so much neglect, this simply broke our heart. She was placed on some medications to include steroids and it was determined there was nothing more we could do for her. Multiple surgeons said that surgery was not an option.

Sabrina's foster Mom gives her the medications from the veterinarian, but also gives her immune boosters which seem to have helped! Sabrina is a month past the 3 month mark that the vets said she had to live and she is happy, energetic, has a very good appetite and is doing very well.

We all know this is a short term fix but Sabrina is living her life warm in a home by the fireplace when she is not romping in the snow with her foster siblings. Your sponsorship will help us continue to care for Sabrina for as long as we can and continue to give her the very expensive immune boosters which we believe are working to extend not only her life, but her quality of life as well.


Sugar is one of our Senior girls. She came to us with a solid jet black coat but her face is quickly turning white. She was chained to a tree and had a huge gash on her neck. We quickly took her to the vet for surgery and she has not had any major health issues since.

Sugar is a silly girl, loves belly rubs and comfy beds, she is also quite the chewer and loves her balls and Nylabones! Sugar's foster Mom is as silly as sugar and dresses her in pretty sweaters and doggie jammies.

Sugar is pretty particular with her food and it is quite pricey. Your sponsorship will help us continue to care for this sweet Senior girl and provide her with the food she loves and toys and chews to keep busy. Every dog is deserving of this, especially in their golden years. We hope you agree!