It’s Hot Out There!

It's that time again, summer and scorching hot temperatures in mid-Missouri.

Even though we work tirelessly all year long for the chained/penned, abused and neglected dogs, our work is really just beginning. The calls, messages and emails are flooding us with dogs that are left outside all day, every day with nothing but a plastic box that is considered “shelter” by the officials.

We did an experiment to show that this plastic box does NOT provide comfort for a dog that is outside in these extreme temperatures. There are ordinances that do not allow for dogs to be out in inclement weather which includes extreme heat and they need to be enforced.

Please post and print this experiment to help educate that it is NOT okay for a dog to be expected to stay cool with plastic dog houses. Bringing the dog inside the home is the best solution, if this is not possible shade and plenty of water will help it to survive. Offer friendly, helpful solutions to people who have their dogs out in the heat. Some of them include:

  • Ask owner if there is any way they can bring the dog into the home during the extreme heat.
  • Offer to help care for the dog if the owners are gone for long periods of time by bringing the dog into your home
  • Offer to help care for the dog by providing food, water and walking and playing with the dog
  • Offer to move the dog into the full shade, under a large tree is best
  • Offer to provide flea/tick medications
  • If owners mention rehoming the dog, contact rescue groups to include Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue

If all else fails, contact the authorities and insist they enforce the inclement weather ordinance/law.